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Date 24 June 2020

Design Studio: Progetto C3
Team: Arch. Paola Lanni, Arch. Riccardo Greco, Arch. Fabiana Galasso
Year: 2018
Place: Roma, via Cosenza
Dimensions 160mq
Photo: David Agugiaro


A major refurbishment project realized inside a villa in Rome, dating back to the early a 1900s. The main focus of the project is to enhancing the spatiality of this historic residence, trying to integrate as much as possible the furniture elements in the vertical partitions .

The rooms are minimal and modern but at the same time the large windows and the original structure of the space are enhanced as traces of identity of a historical space that regenerates itself and looks to the future.

Ardesia tubular radiators have been chosen for heating, a timeless classic with high thermal performance.